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  • Person will need to get their domain verified. This is something Ray has to do by adding a txt file or a page to their site so Google can "see" it. Google believes that if you can add this file to the domain, they you own the domain. Please make sure to always add a discussion note if you do this. We need a record of this piece and the rest of the steps for anyone we do this for. Very important.
  • In each case so far, Microsoft has wanted to take responsibility for the name servers of the client. Assume that any case you get will be the same, however, I will also give you the alternative way to handle other exchange servers in a minute.
  • As I understand it from a client who did this recently, Microsoft provides a wizard type of process to the client. When they have the domain verified and are ready to make the switch, they start the wizard. Once of the questions that they have to answer is if they have hosted website with another company or if they want a website with Microsoft. If they choose a hosted site, they are prompted to enter the A record for that website into the screen. You will need to give this info to the client before they start this process. You can find the IP address of the client by logging into WHM and looking up their domain. The IP will be listed next to their domain name. The wizard tells them once they make the changes, it can take up to 72 hours to complete. With other exchange server situations, we typically work with tech person involved who will make the determination whether:
  • A) All traffic to the domain (both A and MX) will go first to our server and we will forward the email onto them (this requires us to know the IP address of the exchange server so Ray can update the MX record to point to it)
  • B) If all the traffic will go first to their server and they will send the website traffic to us (this requires us to provide the IP address where the client's website is hosted to them to update the A record - same as in 365 example above)

Once the person completes the A record step in the Microsoft wizard, they are given Name Servers to update their DNS record to point to Microsoft's server. The most recent client to do this told me those Name Servers were:

  • If the client has their DNS at SRS Plus, we will need to update the name servers for them. If their DNS is hosted elsewhere (Go Daddy, Network Solutions, etc. ) they will either need to give us access to manage the DNS for them or they will need to update the record themselves. As with any DNS changes, it can take several hours to a day or more to propagate.
  • If we are making the DNS changes for the client, Ray will know when that happens and make the other necessary changes to mark the client's email as "remote mail exchanger" in WHM (instead of "local mail exchanger"). If we are not making the changes, then we need to let Ray know when the changes are done so he can take this final step. This is true for other exchange servers as well.
  • One final potential problem to keep in the back of your mind. If a client calls in about installing a server in their office - not an exchange server - I mean an Windows Server (like our server that Eric maintains for us - our X drive) please mention that the domain of the server (or server name) cannot be the same as their website domain. If it is that will cause a conflict (website won't show, email might stop working, etc. ). This has happened to a few of our clients before EVEN when they are working with a tech support person who should know better.