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Things to check:

  • Are they getting an error message in Outlook? If they are getting an error that says ‘cannot connect to the POP3 server’ this could mean that their password is incorrect in the settings because they tried to change it recently. More likely, their IP address is blocked.

IP Block

  • Ask them to try to get to their website and then the BYF site. If they cannot get to their website or the BYF site this usually means their IP address is blocked. This happens because someone in their office tried to change their email password incorrectly or tried to login to webmail with the wrong password too many times and got blocked. Explain to the client why this happens. They will all deny that they did anything wrong but at least you communicated the issue.

To fix it: have them go to www.whatismyip.com. They’re IP address will appear in large dark blue numbers near the top of the window. In the CPA System go to Global Content in the main navigation menu and click on Un-Block IP Address in the drop down. Enter the IP address in the space provided. It takes 5-10 minutes for it to un-block the IP. Once the IP is unblocked the mail will start coming through normally.

If their IP is not blocked

  • It’s possible that they’re over quota in Cpanel. Login to WHM and find their account.
  • To do this go to Account Information, then List Accounts
  • Find their account and open Cpanel and you will see on the left a red bar that shows if the account is over quota. You may also have click on Email Accounts and see if their individual account is over quota.

To fix it:

  1. Get out of Cpanel and find their account again in the List Accounts area.
  2. Scroll to the right to the Quota section. Click on this and up the quota to a higher number (if it’s at 200, change to 300, etc).

Tell the client you’ve given them more space for now but that they need to go into webmail and delete old email. It’s possible that they have not set up Outlook to delete mail off the server. Show them how to find that setting using the Outlook instructions (or send the steps in an email).

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