How to set up a redirect in CPanel

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To set up a redirect for parked domains in a user's account, first log into their CPanel.

Under Domains, click on Redirects


Click the drop-down to reveal parked domains. Choose Permanent (301) as the type:


Choose the domain you want to redirect from the drop-down menu. **Do not put anything in the box after the / (this is only used to redirect specific pages on the site and should only be attempted if you are familiar with the process).

In the "redirects to->" box, enter the domain that you want to point to. (This should be the primary domain you want all traffic to point to. In this instance, we are redirecting all parked domains to


Choose the radio button "Redirect with or without www." and check the "Wild Card Redirect" box.

Click the add button to complete the process.

If you have multiple parked domains you should complete the above outlined process for each domain. When complete, all redirects added in this method will be listed like so:


As displayed in the above image, all four parked domains are redirecting to

CPanel Documentation on Redirects

  • This process can also be used to redirect individual pages. For example, let's say this client previously had a website with CPA site solutions and had an accounting services page on page 1 of Google. This page name was To create a better experience for both our clients AND their clients, we should set up a redirect of this page '' to our newly created accounting services page ''. No lost traffic and no dead ends for people trying to find our client's services. While there are more thorough ways of checking links to the site and indexed pages, the easiest way to check for indexed pages of a new client who already has an existing website is to Google their domain name (in this instance "").