Approving large mailing lists that are uploaded

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When a client tries to upload a large list of contacts to the newsletter system, the system holds the list until BYF approves it. BYF receives an email notification with the account name of the client and the number of contacts they are trying to upload. Here's how to proceed:

1) Call the client and find out if this is a list they purchased or a list of their own contacts. If this is a list that they purchased, we cannot approve it because sending the email newsletter out to people who have not signed up for it is considered spamming. We cannot risk BYF being flagged as a spammer. If the list is legitimate, you can approve it in the CPA System.

2) Login to the CPA System

3) Under 'Reports' on the main menu select 'Newsletter - Bulk Uploads' in the drop down

4) Find the clients name and click the link underneath it that says 'Mark addresses as active'