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Adding a site to the Wizard is usually done when creating a niche site.

To add a site to the wizard:

  • Go to http://websites.buildyourfirm.com/website_wizard.htm
  • Go to Select your layout/color scheme and select the appropriate layout and color, click save on bottom
  • Enter the company information. Fill out all appropriate information.
    • If the client doesn't have a domain yet, choose 'help me choose a domain'
    • If the client has a domain, choose 'use a domain I recently purchased'
    • Fill out the domain URL (no WWW) and add registrar info, if they have it. It is not required to get to the next step.
    • Continue filling out information, hit 'I have tested the login credentials'
    • Select certification and file sharing. If they haven't specifically said they don't want file sharing, select 'yes'. Hit 'save'.
  • On the main screen select 'Enter your office(s) information'. Select how many offices from the top drop down, then start filling out info for the first office.
    • If you have a second office to add, pressing continue will bring you to a second office form. Fill it out with the new second office address. Continue until all offices have been added, then hit save.
  • On the main screen select 'Choose the pages you want on your website'. Leave recommended pages. Check off any service or industry page boxes that apply. If creating a niche site, you have to select at least one page but whichever one it is doesn't matter. Press save to continue.
  • On the main screen select 'Choose the services you offer'. Select all services they may want on their pages. If creating a niche site, same as above - need at least 1 service, type doesn't matter. Save to continue.
  • On the main screen select 'Social Media'. Check any social media links they have sent over and add URLs. If they don't have any, check 'I don't have any social media accounts'. For niche sites, copy whatever social media info is already on their properties page. Save to continue.
  • On the main screen select 'Company Logo'. If they want a custom logo, select that one. If want a specific premade logo, select one for them. No need to select 'Use my own logo' because if you have something to upload, then they've already sent it to you. For everything else, including niche sites, or if you just want to skip this step, select 'Use a Logo I Will Provide in the Near Future' and hit save information.
  • On the main screen select 'Quickbooks ProAdvisor status'. If they've given you this info, or if this is a QB niche site and this information is important, select ' Yes, I am a Quickbooks ProAdvisor' and check all boxes for the certifications they have. Otherwise, hit 'No, I am not a Quickbooks ProAdvisor' and save information.
  • On the main screen select 'Special logins'. If they've sent you links for manage payroll, netclient, or other 3rd party login systems, you can put it in here. Otherwise, check off 'I don't have any special logins' and hit save information.
  • On the main screen hit 'Additional comments'. Nothing to add here usually, 'No' is preselected so just hit save information.
  • At this point the progress percentage at the top should be green and say 100% complete. If not, go back and add info where it's missing, make sure everything you put in was saved properly. Hit 'Complete' and you should get a notification saying the wizard has been sent to BYF. The wizard is not complete and sent through the system until you hit 'Complete'.

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