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Website Development[edit]

Web Host Manager

  • Create the site in the backend
  • Open site in CPA admin area to properties page in one tab
  • Log into Web Host Manager in another tab
  • Under 'find' in WHM search 'Create a New Account' under Account Functions
  • Copy domain from Site Properties or type in - make sure no www. In either
  • Create username, include client's last name (don't use company name)
  • Copy username from WHM box to site properties box under Server Info, hit apply to save
  • Come up with a new password - at least 10 characters - letters, numbers & special chars and copy & paste into properites page
  • Copy and paste email into WHM from Site Properties, choose CPA package from drop down, and hit create button at bottom of page in WHM

Select Site Content, Layout, Menu

  • Using the orange buttons on top, go along to stage site on site properties page:
  • Select site content version - use clients in the same market for reference if necessary
  • Select home page length to fit with layout and check service pages with those in notes
  • Select layout, check with folder to make sure correct layout/color choice, save go to next step
  • Select menu - for all regular non-niche sites select "PREMIER 2014", save go to next step
  • Write in geo information from notes, go to next step
  • Check to make sure domain, account name, and password are the same as what you set up in WHM
  • Hit 'finalize' and wait 2-3 minutes for site to finalize
  • Go back into WHM and select 'Modify an Account', choose IP (check for redesign IP first) and on popup select CPA_package from drop down on first bullet
  • Then search for 'change site's IP address' and assign domain to same group as one in 'Modify account' step
  • In 4.0, create the firm under firms > add new firm and add site to firm
  • On site drop down at top, select 'robots.txt.' and copy from 'in development' on right to main content on left, save

Site Properties

  • Check over site information in site properties after finished staging
  • Check contact person, phone number, email address are correct
  • Make sure if CPA is checked they are actually a CPA
  • Under 'certification' if they are CPA change to 'CPA Firm', or if an accountant add 'accounting firm'
  • Check off the email type (anti spam if with us, exchange, or 3rd party if other)
  • If niche site, select niche from drop down
  • Add major market (ask Robin if not sure)

Logo and/or header image

  • If client uploaded a file in the wizard, check for it in global content > wizard files
  • If client chose a premade logo, use the PSD files in 'public>images>logos>premade logos
  • If client ordered a custom logo, logo will be created alongside site

Web Page Cleanup

  • Go through each page on web pages to clean up site
  • Remove/add services on bulleted lists on each page using the 'services' they selected in the wizard as reference
  • Add cities from geo info to title tags in place of {2nd_city} {3rd_city} etc
  • Add links between pages wherever possible, check to make sure links are correct
  • Add a picture to each page and check to make sure they have an alt tag - add if not there
  • Remove QB logo and language referencing 'certified proadvisor' if they are not a proadvisor; if they don't specify doing QB on location, remove reference to that
  • Add bio and picture to About Us page, if provided
  • Check copy for 'CPA' term if client is an accountant
  • Change "a" to "an" in copy if necessary (ex - "an Atlanta CPA firm")
  • Remove client's name from copy and add "call the office" if client requested this
  • Add a map to the offices database in 'offices' making width of embed code 100%
  • Make sure email address, fax and name are there and correct on Contact Us page
  • Go into WHM > list acct > cpanel > file manager, choose the contact page that works best, rename to contact.htm and delete all other contact pages except contact_intro
  • Quickly review copy on each page to make sure it makes sense
  • Delete any pages not being used

Design Screen

  • Upload and add home page picture and/or smaller sidebar pictures using premade pictures from 'public>images>layout homepage images' folder
  • Add logo to top of page, make sure alt tag is {site_name}
  • Add social media links to icons
  • Add CPA logo or remove if accountant
  • Add any other certification logos as client requested
  • Add/remove/change sidebar boxes to fit with site info or client requests
  • Edit/change services/industries in footer, sidebar to fit with services offered
  • Add testimonials to rotators if they submitted testimonials
  • Make sure there is a phone number visible above the fold

Design changes

  • If changing colors on site, copy & paste CSS code into stylesheet and change hex codes
  • Check to see if client needs to add a 'make a payment' link or button
  • Add 'Request a consultation' floating button if they don't have a prominent consultation form on homepage
  • Make sure they have a spot for clients to 'send a file' if they signed up for Motiif


  • Add service pages to top drop down menu, remove any not used
  • On layouts 56 and up, add 'all services' and 'all industries' at bottom of services under menu items

Links & Finalize Cleanup

  • Check service links on bullets in service pages throughout the site to make sure they go to the right place
  • Make sure all the links work in the main nav menu
  • Run site through
  • Check website notes one last time to make sure nothing was missed

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