Transferring domain to SRS with authorization code

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To Transfer a domain to SRSPlus when the client provides an authorization code

  • Login to SRSPlus
  • Click on "Transfer Domains"
  • Enter the domain name/s in the box and click Continue
  • Check the box to the left of each domain name, enter "" in the 'Enter New Registrant's E-mail Address' box, and enter the authorization code in the box on the right.
    • the auth code can have all manner of characters, including punctuation. Be care to include all characters and do not include spaces on either end.
  • After clicking Continue again, the screen allows you to modify the billing, admin and technical contacts. Hit continue once again.
  • Click on 'Complete this transfer Request' at the bottom of the page.

NOTE: When the domain is transferred to SRSPlus, it will retain the name servers that are on the account at the time of the transfer.