Setting up a Gmail account

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Send an email to the client that asks them to answer the following questions:

Once you get the information, please add a discussion note to Ray with all the info. He will set up the domain at Google Apps and let you know when that is done. He will include each user account and the temporary pw. You will send that to the client and tell them when the switch will be made. Remind them the passwords are temporary. Remind them they can access the GMAIL account before the switch if they want to get familiar with it. If the need to import mail from Outlook, they can begin that process ahead of time as well. They will download a program that will help them import the mail (typically it is Outlook 2003/2007). They need to install the program and start the process. Cconduct a search on Google and send the client the link to the very detailed Google help page with the instructions for what they want to do.