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Step 1: Select Correspondence Type[edit]

Here you will decide whether you will:

  • Send an email now
  • Schedule an email to be sent in the future
  • Send a birthday wish

Step 2: Select Content Type[edit]

Here you can choose from four different types of messages:

  • Articles and Written Content. This includes your own written content plus articles you select from our database.
  • PreWritten Message. Use one of our prewritten messages to use as a template to request reviews, send welcome letters, tax reminders and more.
  • Write Your Own Content. This option provides a blank slate for you to write in your own personal message (without attached articles.)
  • Articles Only. This option allows you to simply select four of our monthly articles to send clients.

Step 3: Compose Title, Header, etc...[edit]

Here you can edit the Newsletter title, who the message is being sent by, and add social media links to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Step 4: Select Articles[edit]

Step 4 is only applicable to those who selected the correspondence type ‘articles and written content’ or ‘articles only’. If you selected something other than these two correspondence types, you will automatically jump to step 5.

Step 5: Compose Content[edit]

Step five is where you will compose your written content. Depending on your selection in step 2, you’ll either have a prefilled template which you can edit as needed or a blank slate to fill in your own correspondence. Always review for errors and typos before selecting the continue button.

Step 6: Send/Schedule Email[edit]

This is where you’ll include the from address (the email address the newsletter appears to be coming from), from label (the name you want the email to appear to be coming from) typically you or your firm’s name, and the subject (what you want the subject line of the email to say). The ‘category’ is who you want to mail the correspondence to. If you’ve separated your mailing list into categories (recommended), you can choose which category to send it to. If you do not check an option under category, your correspondence will be sent to your entire mailing list. Click ‘Continue’ when ready to send & click ‘OK’ to send your correspondence.

Sending a TEST Email[edit]

If you would like to send a test email before you send it to your entire mailing list, enter the number ‘1’ in the number of test emails field and enter the test email address you’d like to send the test email to.

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