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Running AdWords reports is pretty basic in that all you need to do is log into the MCC (My Client Center) and click the 'Client Reporting' tab. To create a new report select the blue '+ create report' button. You can set the report type, format, date range, account selection and more at this screen.

Adwords Reports.png

On a monthly basis, (~ the 1st of each month I run the account performance report for the last 30 days.

Key things to look for are the CTR (click-through rate), Avg. CPC (cost-per-click) and Avg. position (where the ad shows in results pages.)

While I always look to boost CTR and lower the avg. position, you can set new goals each month. For example, this month I may want to make my goal to decrease the average CPC. I will audit keyword bids, and start reducing bids slightly to reduce expense without losing placement.

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