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Setting up Outlook

  • Open your Outlook and click on ‘tools’ at the top
  • Select email accounts from the drop down menu and check the button to add new email account
  • Choose POP3 as the Server type
  • Click Next
  • A box will pop up asking you for your name and email address
  • For your incoming mail server (POP3 Server): type in your domain name, i.e. yourdomain.com
  • For your outgoing mail server (SMTP Server): this is also your domain name, i.e. yourdomain.com
  • For your username: enter your FULL email address, i.e. name@yourdomain.com (you MUST include the domain)
  • For your password: enter your email password that BYF created for you (this should be on the email that this document is attached to) i.e. Sally123
  • Make sure that ‘Log on using secure password authentication’ is UNCHECKED
  • Click on the ‘more settings’ box
  • Under the servers tab make sure to CHECK ‘My server requires authentication’
  • Click the Outgoing Server tab
  • Make sure to CHECK ‘my outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication’
  • Click ‘use same settings as my incoming mail server’
  • Click on the Advanced tab
  • Under Server Port Numbers at the top, change ‘Outgoing server (SMTP)’ to 26 (leave the Incoming server (POP3) at 110)
  • Under Delivery at the bottom check the box for ‘Remove from the server after’ – and set it at ‘5 days’ (10 days would also be acceptable).
  • Click Ok and then Finish

Your Outlook email should now be set up! But you’re not finished – make sure to set the additional setting below to avoid future email issues.

Send/Receive Setting

  • Click on Tools at the top and select Options in the drop down menu
  • A window will pop up. Click on the Mail Setup tab.
  • Click on the Send/Receive button
  • At the bottom of the window check the box for ‘Schedule an automatic send/receive every’ – and set it at ‘5 minutes’ (10 minutes is also acceptable). This setting should never be set any lower than 5 minutes.

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