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To make a site live with a brand new domain[edit]

Go to and log in

Purchase domain

  • Enter domain name in Register Domain Name field and click on Search
  • Domain will show up as 1 year. For a regular client leave as is and click Continue (Outsourced Marketing clients should be purchased for 4 years for niche or CPA site)
  • In the Select Customer Account box on left, select Login ID and type in hughduffy and click Lookup Customer.
  • Our customer listing should come up with customer ID #693393 and Hugh’s first and last name. Click Continue.
  • Next page shows address, just click Continue.
  • Under DNS Options select Use Custom DNS and enter our name servers: and Click Continue
  • Click green Place Your Order button

Site will be live shortly thereafter

Note: If email is set up as a forwarder only (no actual email account) then WHM should be set to 'Local Mail Exchanger' and no need to set up Katharion.