Managing your Mailing List

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In this section of your newsletter and email dashboard you can:

  • View & edit your mailing list.
  • Manually add someone new to your mailing list (vs. them registering on your website)
  • Manage your mailing list categories (create & edit categories Ex. Business clients, Tax clients, etc...)
  • Assign recipients to categories (here is where you can add recipients to the mailing list categories you create.
  • Import/Export your mailing listing. You can export your mailing list into an excel document or upload your own contacts to the mailing list. In order to upload contacts to the communication system you must download and utilize the mailing list contacts template (available in the resources area).

How to manage your mailing list categories

To add or remove mailing list categories (or groups), choose the Manage Mailing List Categories option on the dashboard. Here you can delete existing categories or add new ones.

How to add recipients to your mailing lists

Once you’ve create your mailing list categories (as explained above), you can assign recipients to the categories. From the dashboard, select ‘Assign Recipients to Categories’. To add someone to a category, simply check the box next to their name for the category of your choosing. Once finished making your selections, click the apply changes button. If you want to remove someone from a category, simply uncheck the box next to their name and save your changes.

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