How to edit/add a new version of copy

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To add a new version of copy:[edit]

  • Go to global content>dat file editor> select site_ver.dat in drop down menu
  • This brings up the list of versions of copy. Add new one to the bottom of list and edit others as needed, then hit ok button.
  • Once you've created it here it will be available to create pages in the global template and to select in the wizard (once pages are created in the global templates)

To add a new page in a version of copy:[edit]

If it's the first page for a new version of copy, click 'add new record' on right

  • Add version from drop down, filename, titles, etc.
  • Add content in main content area
  • Add keywords and description
  • Click 'required' only if it's a page on every site, such as about or contact page

If it's similar to another page from an existing version of copy

  • Go to that similar page
  • Scroll to bottom and hit 'copy page template'
  • Page will be copied, make sure you change the filename otherwise it will overwrite the old page
  • Fill out/change rest of info on page like above.

To edit a page in a version of a copy:[edit]

  • Go to global content> page templates
  • Search for the version of copy or scroll down until you find it
  • Click pencil button on right to edit page
  • Edit info in title, main content area, keywords, etc.
  • Click 'save & return' or 'apply' to save changes