How to add a new email address

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  • Login to WHM
  • Go to Account Information -> List Accounts (type in 'list accounts' in search, top of left frame)
  • Search for the client’s account
  • Click on the Cpanel symbol to open their Cpanel account (3rd column to the right)

In Cpanel, click on the icon called Email Accounts - it should be in the second section under 'mail', first icon.

  • Enter the new email account and enter a password using this format: Uppercase letter, six numbers, and lowercase letter (usually email name's first letter capitalized, last letter of name/first letter of last name, lowercase. John Smith would be J123456s).
  • Click Create. Be sure to write down or copy the password to somewhere safe.
  • You’ll be shown a message confirming the account was created.

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