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Instructions for Headspace Plugin for Blog – adding SEO to a general account[edit]

  1. Log in to blog - for wordpress, go to url.com/blog/wp-admin/ - un is byfadmin; pw is byf9800!
  2. Go to plugins section on left sidebar
  3. Click “activate” under Headspace plugin
  4. “Settings” should now be available under Headspace, where ‘activate’ once was – click to go to settings
  5. Go to website front page – not blog, but main page URL – and copy the footer information starting with the site name and continuing with list of locations.
  6. In the page settings in Headspace, click ‘global settings’, first bar. In Description, paste the information copied from before.
  7. In ‘page title’, copy and paste ‘page HTML title’ from the backend in webpages, from index.htm
  8. In ‘tags’, copy and paste information from ‘page meta keywords’ in webpages>index.html
  9. Press ‘save’ in headspace>global settings.

Adding metadata to a blog[edit]

  • Login to url.com/blog/wp-admin with username byfadmin pw byf9800!
  • Go to 'plugins' column on left hand side
  • Click 'settings' under 'Headspace'
  • Go to 'General Settings'
  • Enter title, description and keywords
  • Hit save button