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How do I import my contacts?[edit]

On the dashboard page, under Manage Your Mailing List, select the Import/Export Mailing List option. To add to your existing list of contacts, select the ‘Update Existing Mailing List’ option. This will bring you to a screen where you can upload a .CSV file with your contacts. (Prepare this ahead of time using the Mailing List Contacts template available for download in the resources area.) You’ll need to copy and past your contact’s information into the appropriate fields in the template (email, name, company, address, etc...). Once completed, save as...CSV. Once you have the file saved, you can upload it to your communication system.

How long does it take to send out a newsletter?[edit]

Our clients say they can typically send out a monthly newsletter in less than 15 minutes.

How do I send a test email/newsletter?[edit]

Sending yourself a test email before sending it out to your mailing list is always recommended. To send a test email, on step 6 enter the number ‘1’ in the ‘Number of Test Emails’ field and enter the address you want the test email to go to in the ‘Test Email Address’ field. Click continue when ready to send.

How do people subscribe to my newsletter?[edit]

Users can subscribe to your newsletter via the sign up form on your website, or you can manually add subscribers to your mailing list on your dashboard, via the link for ‘Add a New Mailing List Recipient’.

How often should I send out a newsletter?[edit]

You determine how often you send out a newsletter, but standard practice is on a monthly basis. Whatever you choose, it’s important to maintain regularity.

Can I schedule my newsletter to be sent at a later time?[edit]

Yes. With BYF’s new newsletter and communication system, you can schedule messages to be sent at a later time. To do so, select ‘Schedule an email to be sent in the future’ on step 1 of sending a correspondence. All scheduled emails are sent out at 1pm EST on their scheduled date.

Can I view previously sent newsletters?[edit]

Yes. To view past newsletters simply click ‘View/Manage Previously Sent Emails’ from your dashboard.

How do I schedule birthday wishes?[edit]

In order to schedule birthday wishes, there are a few steps that need to be taken, the first being to enter the birthday of clients you would like to receive a birthday wish. To do that you’ll want to ‘View Your Mailing List’ from the resources dashboard. This will open up your full list of recipients. At the far right of each recipient there are three links as shown: . Select the ‘Update’ link for the client you would like to add a birthday for. This will open the ‘Update Recipient’ page.

To add a client’s birthday, enter it in the recipient's info in a box near the bottom. To have a birthday email sent to them the week of their birthday, check the box for ‘Send Birthday Emails’. You’ll notice it says “if scheduled”. Once you have updated the birthday information and checked the ‘send birthday emails’ box for all clients you would like to receive birthday wishes, you’ll need to actually schedule the messages.

Scheduling Birthday Wishes[edit]

Now that you’ve entered the birthday information for all clients you would like to receive a birthday wish, you need to schedule your birthday wishes. To do this, click ‘Send a Newsletter to Your Mailing List’.

Select Correspondence Type ‘Send a birthday wish’

Follow all steps in the same fashion you would as if sending a newsletter.

» Please note that the same content will be sent to every client you have checked off to receive a birthday wish. The {mlist_name} tag in the email will populate with the client’s name as it is written on their recipient information screen. Do not customize the content to a particular client as this is a standard message to go to all clients.

Continue through all steps and click ‘Save & Quit’ on step 7. You successfully scheduled your birthday wishes. Once this is done, any clients who have a birthday entered and the ‘send birthday emails’ box checked off will receive the birthday wish message.

To cancel birthday wishes...[edit]

You can cancel birthday wishes in one of two ways on an individual basis or across the board. To cancel birthday wishes for individual clients simply view their recipient details and uncheck the ‘send birthday emails’ box. To cancel all scheduled birthday wishes you can delete the scheduled message by clicking ‘View/Manage Previously Sent Emails’ on the dashboard and deleting the ‘Happy Birthday From Our Firm’ newsletter.

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