Creating site in Web Host Manager

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When you’ve completed the wizard, the site status goes to In Development. To get the files into a website, follow these instructions:

In WHM – Create a new account

  • Open site in CPA admin area to properties page in one tab
  • Log into Web Host Manager in another tab
  • Under 'find' in WHM search 'Create a New Account' under Account Functions
  • Copy domain from Site Properties or type in - make sure no www. In either
  • Create username, include client's last name (don't use company name)
  • Copy username from WHM box to site properties box under Server Info, hit apply to save
  • Come up with a new password - at least 10 characters - letters, numbers & special chars and copy & paste into properites page
  • Copy and paste email into WHM from Site Properties, choose CPA package from drop down, and hit create button at bottom of page in WHM

In WHM – Change the IP address

  • We want to spread out usage of the IP addresses among CPAs. To do this, we need to assign the newly created account to a “reseller” account with a specific IP
  • Click on Modify An Account (under Account Functions)
  • Find the newly created account in the list, either by domain or username. Click on Modify.
  • To the right of Account Owner select the group you want to use in the drop down menu and click Save at the bottom. (If you select byfgrp07 this time, use byfgrp08 next time, etc.) Don’t use byfgrp01 here because the IP address noted in the next step doesn’t seem to match up. If it asks you for a package, always select CPA_Package.
  • Under Account Functions (in the left side menu) click Change a Site’s IP address
  • Again, find the account in either list. Click on Change.
  • In the New Address dropdown, select the IP in there that shows the same group number as the one you chose on the previous step (If you select byfgrp07 last step, select byfgrp07 in this step)
  • Click Change.