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(OLD instructions) BYF Backend and login: UN: admin PW: 69$zon8C

Print List of Kits Mailed for Nita Login to BYF backend

  • Go to Customers in the top navigation menu and click on Customers Mailed in the drop down
  • Sort Customer status as Not Mailed
  • Sort Customer Type as Free Information Kit
  • Change Printer Friendly to Yes
  • Print 1 copy, black and white
  • Close Printer Friendly version

Sort Customer Type as Article Registrations

  • Change Printer Friendly to Yes
  • Print 1 copy, black and white

Import Article Registrations to ACT

  • In the BYF backend after finding Article Registrations
  • Go to Customers in the Navigation Bar and click on ACT Import
  • This will go to a new screen with names and addresses
  • Copy this information and paste it into an Excel Spreadsheet
  • In the spreadsheet hit Data then Text to Columns
  • For File type check delimited
  • For Delimiter check Other then type | in the space
  • Then hit finish
  • Insert column for Contact_Status and type in P. Articles & Newsletters Only
  • Save file as a text file in Public>Kits>Act Imports and name it by date (5.24.12); save and close
  • In ACT on Navigation Bar hit File then Import
  • Type of file is Text delimited by tabs
  • Browse for specific file -> make sure set as contact group
  • Follow prompts and bring in as typical import

Check the List in ACT Open ACT

For Webinar Registrants:

  • If contact is not on the list to send out a kit but has the current date in the Kit Mailed field…
  • Check in Notes to see if contact is doing Webinars
  • If they have 2 notes, one with a webinar and one with CPA information, they should get a kit
  • Find names and dates of Webinars registered for
  • Put in title of last Webinar registered for and the date under it in ‘last webinar attended’
  • Remove date for field Kit Mailed
  • Change Contact Status to Webinar Lead
  • Add to group by going to Contacts at the top and hitting add selected to group
  • Find the Webinar(s) that will be attended and click on each one that is signed up for
  • Hit the button in the middle (>) to add contact to the group

For contacts that need a kit mailed:

  • In Contact Field find Kit Mailed in the dropdown
  • Type in date in Contains Field (ie. 5/22/12) if it’s not there already

Check each contact’s fields for accuracy:

  • Change Capital letters to small where necessary
  • Change Lowercase letters to capitals where necessary
  • Fix phone number to format (888) 999-9800
  • Check account manager field to see that it is filled in

For contacts from foreign countries:

  • Change State to either blank or province for Canada
  • Change Contact Status to H. Email Only
  • Check other fields for accuracy

For Article Registrations:

  • Check list of Article Registrations
  • Change Contact Status to P. Articles & Newsletters Only (do not change status if record is in ACT already)
  • Check other fields for accuracy

For web booster:

  • Check date of event
  • Open blog tab at bottom
  • Fill in ‘web booster’ area with name of booster and date of event


  • For each whitepaper, search for the contact in ACT and check off the WP box

(this does not get checked off from the import but the name of the whitepaper should appear in the field provided)

Update Spreadsheet in Public Folder Public>Admin>Kits Mailed 2012 (need breakdown of new kits, resent, etc)