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In order to create a Google+ profile, you need to create a Google account. (Doing so again requires either phone or text message verification, so arrange first with the client how they would like to receive the verification pin - I prefer text to their cell.) If possible, I also like to create a email account. A "click this link to verify your email account" email is sent to the registered email account, so doing so eliminates the need to contact the client about it. (Clicking this link is when the phone verification is requested.)

Google Account.png

Step by step:

-To create a Google account (without having to create a new gmail account), utilize this link.

-Once created, a verification email is sent to the email account you registered with. The verification link needs to be clicked in this email.

-Clicking the verification link in the email will open a new window which asks for phone verification (either automated phone call or text message). (You can enter any number, but one number can be used for a max of five accounts - so I reach out to the clients for their number.)

-Once you have the pin number (usually 6 digits) you can enter it into the verification screen. Once the Google account has been verified, you're free to set up a Google+ profile.

-See How to Setup Your Google Plus Account. It's pretty straight forward, but you want to add their business information in a professional manner. Include a clear headshot as their image.

The only reason we create a Google+ profile for clients is to implement Google Authorship on their website (which allows for their Google+ profile image to appear in search results.)

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