Clearing brute force

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If a client gets a Brute Force Error it’s usually because they tried to login to Cpanel too many times with the wrong login information.

  • Log in to Web Host Manager
  • Search for 'Brute Force' or locate 'cPHulk Brute Force Protection' under security on left hand bar
  • Click to go to area

To add a user to the whitelist/blacklist:

  • Get client's IP by going to
  • Enter IP in whitelist/blacklist (depending on if you want to allow them or not)
  • Press 'quick add' to add

To check/clear database:

  • Click on 'Login/Brute history report' tab (don't worry about emails from, that has been added to whitelist and will almost always appear in this area)
  • Check logins under 'Brutes (Excessive Login Failures)'
  • If client's email/IP is under this section multiple times, press blue 'Flush DB' button at top under 'Clear failed logins'

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