Changing layouts/content

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To change the layout:

  • Make sure you are in the client's site you want to change the layout for
  • Go to 'site content' on top
  • Click 'layouts'
  • Scroll down til you see the layout number you want
  • Select layout radio button
  • Select the color you want to change it to
  • Save to finish

To change the content:

  • Go to client's site in 3.0 backend
  • Go to properties page
  • Under 'website status', change status to '10 - wizard'
  • Apply changes to save settings - buttons at top should reappear
  • Go through first 3 steps, re-selecting the new content you want, then layout, and then menu appropriate for site
  • Apply changes to save
  • Under site properties, change the status back to '20 - in development'
  • Apply changes to save; content should be changed now.