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If a client has a vacation notice or other auto-reply notification turned on and:

  • They can't figure out how to turn it off
  • There isn't a vacation notice turned on their outlook (or other email program)

They may have auto responder turned on for their email in cPanel. To add/remove auto responders in cPanel:

  • Log in to client's cPanel account
  • Under 'Email' section, click on 'Auto responders'
  • Click 'add auto responder' button
  • In 'email' section, add first half of email (joe in
  • In 'from' section, add name (Joe Smith)
  • In subject and body, add auto respond email title and text
  • To specify a certain day to start or stop autoresponding, hit the 'custom' button just under the body text box and select a date from the calendar that pops up
  • Click 'create' to create autoresponder
  • To stop an autoresponder, in the main 'auto responder' section hit 'remove' next to email address

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