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Setting Up an account on Katharion[edit]

Log into Katharion with the byf username and password

  • Click on View/Manage my Organizations
  • Click on "manage domains" link
  • Click on "Add one or more domains"
  • Enter the domain name in both the "domain name" and "mail server" boxes
  • Click on "Add Domain(s)"

Now you have to enter the users.

  • Click on "add users manually"
  • Choose "ENTER or CUT AND PASTE addresses and passwords into a text box:" which will display a text box
  • Enter the full email addresses, a space and antiSPAM, one per line:
    • example:|antiSPAM
  • Click Next, then Next (if all looks well), then Next again.
  • Finally, click on Save Changes.

Now you have to set up the DNS on the BYF server to accomodate Katharion

  • While in Katharion, click on "Domains" in the horizontal nav bar (dark grey as of this writing).
    • Scroll to the bottom right to the "Domain MX Records" and keep that window available
  • In a new window, open WHM and click on "Edit MX Entry" under DNS Functions
  • Locate the domain in the list and click Edit
  • Important!!! Make sure that LOCAL MAIL EXCHANGER is selected in the section on top
  • Click "Delete" next to the Priority 0 line. It will go away.
  • In the Priority 10, enter the Priority 10 MX record from the Katharion Screen Update 2014: Be sure to include the trailing period
    • example: <- no period on the end when you enter it into the DNS screen
  • Click on the "Add another MX entry field" button and enter 90 as the priority number
  • Get the second MX record from the Katharion screen. Again, INCLUDE the last period
  • Click on Save.


  • Click on 'domains' in the black navigation bar
  • Click on add/change under "Destination Mail Servers"
  • Click the checkbox next to "Specify one or more backup mail servers in addition to the primary server(s) listed above"
  • Enter "" in the servername box
  • Enter 26 in the port
  • Enter 100 in the load.
  • Save Changes

For a client that was already in Katharion and having trouble receiving mail you need to also:

  • Click on Messages (very top right)
  • Click on Inbound Message Queue (black bar)
  • If an messages in the list, click first checkbox in top line to select all, then hit Release.

Katharion is now set up for that account when the domain goes live.