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Yelp is complex because it has several steps to claim and unlock the listings and is difficult to connect 2 listings to another if the client doesn’t forward all necessary emails. To start, make sure you are logged out of any other accounts in yelp and go to Start claiming the listing by putting in the business name and address. If there is a listing coming up already, contact the client and ask if they still have the Yelp login email and password. If a listing doesn’t come up, click ‘add your business to yelp’ and start filling out the listing. Make sure to include hours and categories. Click ‘create ‘ to get to next page, where it will tell you it sent a verification link to the client’s email. Contact client and tell them to forward the email to you.

Here it gets a little tricky. If you don’t have an account with this client with Yelp yet, you will need to create an account with the client’s email address and the password as BYF(client’s last name), then have them forward the verification for that account to you so you can unlock it. Then, they have to also forward an email to help them verify and unlock the listing itself. This can take some time seeing as Yelp seems to do it manually and reviews listings first, so the unlock email doesn’t go to the client right away. A lot of times clients forget and don’t forward this second email, so the listing doesn’t get unlocked and you can’t edit it or add it to the account.

However, if you’re lucky enough and the client forwards ALL the emails without clicking any of the links first, you can then continue to fill out the listings. Once you log in to the account it will ask you to complete the business page. Step 1 will ask what the business specializes in. I usually grab the top paragraph from the services page on the client’s website and make sure to add all services the client offers. Step 2 is adding business history and year established, best taken from About page. Step 3 is adding info about the client. If there are multiple clients use whoever is helping you with the listing (unless they specify otherwise). Step 4 is coupons and certificates – skip for now, if client wants them they can add them later. Once this is done it will bring you back to the business information page. Look on the left hand sidebar and click ‘photos’. Add photos one by one to the photo section and make sure to add and update each caption individually (will not save captions on multiple photos at once). 9-10 photos is usually sufficient.

No verification is needed for Yelp since the ‘verification’ stage was in the beginning of the process with the unlocking of the account before you could fill it out.

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