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Log in at using Google as the sign in option. Username: Password: madis0n9800

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To add a listing click ‘add a business’ next to green plus icon at top. Start filling out from Business Information, making sure to put as many relevant categories as possible, then hit continue. Next area is ‘optional business information’. Some sections may not be open so make sure to click green plus icons next to them to open them and finish filling them out. Preview the listing and then fill out the captcha to go to the verification screen. Choose ‘email verificatoin’ (usually easiest) but there are also options for mailing a PIN, verifying by phone, and having a PIN sent by text if that doesn’t work. If a PIN is put into Yahoo to verify and it is incorrect, it will NOT let you put the correct one in afterward, and you have to re-send another PIN to verify. So if you have multiple address listings, make sure you keep track of which address PIN you sent first, so when the client forwards you the PIN emails you know which to verify first.

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