Adding new listing to Bing

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Bing Business Portal changed to Bing Places for Business.

To add a listing, log into Bing with windows live ID (Password madis0n9800) . Click ‘Add Your Business’. Should look something like this: Bing Places.png

Fill out company name, address and phone number and claim listing if it’s found, or start a new one if it isn't. Continue filling out the rest of the business information in the next screen, adding logo, Facebook and twitter if they have it, and additional contacts such as phone numbers, email addresses or websites if the clients have them. Go through tabs at top and fill out rest of information such as more details (year established, history, brands carried, hours, etc), business specialties. Skip ‘mobile’ (you can edit it at a later tab), and add photos (as many as possible, should be 9) along with caption. In preview screen you can edit the mobile listing view (click ‘view’ then ‘edit style’ to edit under ‘mobile website’). Just make sure that the text is legible on the background color – it takes random swatches from the logo and it’s not the greatest – can have bugs and glitches. Next step is sending the pin, in the verification tab, just say ‘verify’ and it’ll send it out. Skip ‘create’ tab – not relevant to listing.