Adding flash/jquery images

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  • Using the 3.0 administration area, select a site. In the site menu (top center), select Slider.
  • Add a new record.
  • Give the slider a name (internal use only, call it whatever you want), and a code (more on that in a second). The code should be something simple, like "1" or "main." Mark the slider as active.
  • Add the new record, then modify the record and find the Images section.
  • Add as many images as you want. The image sizes are up to your discretion, though the slider code will attempt to fit them to the slider's HTML container as best as it can. Try to keep the image sizes and aspect ratios as consistent as possible; if you use mainly images that are wider than they are tall, adding in another image that is taller than it is wide will look a bit strange.
  • Once the images have been uploaded, go to the site design screen. Edit the section where you want the slider to appear.
  • In the editor body for the section, use the slider's code from step 3 to designate where the slider to appear. You should write it in this format: {slider_(code)}. For example, if you called the code "main," you would write {slider_main}.
  • View the site and / or refresh the page to preview the slider.