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Instructions for Setting up Client Login Box

  • Step 1: Determine if the client login box will be a sidebar version or a full page version.
  • Step 2: To activate the Client Login feature on a website, there must be database records in the Logins database. You can get to the Logins database by going to Site Content > Logins
  • Enter the database records for each of the logins. Database record example sheets are attached. Please keep these in your binder for future reference.
  • There are 2 ways we can add a login to the Client Login Box. We can add it as a form with username and password fields or as just a graphic that links to the 3rd party login page.
  • Please note on some of these you will need a firm ID to complete the set up. On others you will not. Below is a table of what we know so far.
Login Name Firm ID Needed? Login Graphic Only
QuickBooks Online No Yes
File Transfer Yes (byf account name) No Yes No
Net Client/Net Firm Portal yes No
Accountants Office Payroll Yes No
Right Networks Accounting Login No No
Paycycle No Yes
Pay Check Records No Yes


  • If there is no database record example sheet for a particular login, you need to send it to Ray to find out if we can set it up as a form or just a graphic. He generally needs the URL to the login screen. If he needs a Firm ID he will let you know. He will usually set up the first one for us. If you add a brand new login type not shown in the table above, please print out a database record example sheet and distribute to everyone. Also, update the table above and reprint the instructions.
  • Step 3: Add a discussion note asking Ray to add the files to the client’s account for the client login box. Make sure to specify if it is a full page or sidebar client login. Once he adds the files you will not see the files in the page database, but they are on the server. You have to link to the file to make the form show. Ray calls this set up a “Linked File”.
  • Sidebar Option : If you are adding a sidebar, you need to go to the client’s design screen. In the drop down box where you want the sidebar to appear choose Client Logins. This will force the sidebar Client Login box to display.
  • Full Page Option:If you are adding it as a full page you will need to link to the page in order to see the form. You could add this link to a sidebar, the main navigation or via some other page on the site.
  • The link will be pointing to the tilde version of the client’s site. So as an example, your link should be to a page with a URL like this:

 <a href="http://www.buildyourfirm/~accountname/client_logins_full.htm">http://www.buildyourfirm/~accountname/client_logins_full.htm</a>
  • Change Box Title: To change the title of the Client Logins box to something else, you need to enter the following in the stylesheet.
 #logins_title:after {content:  "Client Logins";}
  • Where it says “Client Logins” you could change to what you want it to say, i.e. Client Center.
  • Change Background Color in Title Bar: To change the background color in the title bar of the box to something else, you need to enter the following in the stylesheet.
 #logins_title {background:  url(";)  repeat-x scroll}
  • Where it says “black” in image you could use “blue” or “grey” instead.
  • Step 4: You need to have the client test that the logins are working properly. Stress that we will not do this for them since we are not registered users.