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Have the client log in to their blog. The address will be their

On the left hand side have them click 'posts', and when the tab area is open, click 'add new'. In the 'add new post' screen they must enter a title (not necessary but recommended), and enter their blog post into the main text area. They can click buttons on the right hand side to add to a category - not necessary but recommended for more SEO recognition. They can write the post directly into the screen (saving as a draft periodically is recommended for lengthy entries) or write it in word and paste into the text area. If the latter, have them click the last button on the top above the text area saying 'show kitchen sink', then when more buttons show up click 'paste from word' and paste into the box that appears & press 'insert' or 'ok'.

Once they are happy with their blog post they can press the 'publish' button on the right hand side and the blog post will be viewable on the front end. Staggered posts can be created by pressing 'edit' after the 'publish immediately' section - they then can select a time & date at which the post will automatically publish.

Short instructions:

  • Log in
  • Press add new post
  • Enter title, then write post in main area
  • Press publish

If they want comments they will have to check the 'allow comments' box on the bottom of the article editing page under 'discussion'.