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Claiming Local Listing on Yelp

Go to and click the red button to ‘Create your free account now’ (it’s worth noting that there are two sides to Yelp: (for consumers/reviewers) and (for business owners).

The first step will be searching for the business. Enter the business name and city, state in the fields and click ‘Find my Business’

Once you complete your search, things can go in 1 of 3 directions:

1. The listing is already existing and claimed (will say ‘Already claimed’ next to search result). In this event we cannot do anything without the client providing us their Yelp login credentials.

2. The listing is already existing and unclaimed (will have a claim button on listing)

3. The listing is non-existent, in which case you’ll want to use the ‘Add your business to Yelp’ link

  • Claiming an Existing Listing

If you are claiming an existing listing, you’ll need to coordinate a verification phone call with the client’s office (you’ll be generating a call to the phone number in the listing). I usually call the client at this point to primer them of the call, coordinate it with someone and provide them the pin number they’ll need.

In order to start the process and get the pin #, click the ‘Claim’ button on the listing.

Use the client’s name, email address and create them a password. You’ll want to provide the client these login credentials once completed, so note them somewhere safe. Once you’ve filled in the fields above, click ‘Continue’.

You should now be on the call screen (see below). Provide the code to the client, get off the phone with them and then click the ‘Call Me Now’ button. The call should go through to their office immediately.

If the client verifies the listing correctly, you’ll receive confirmation on your screen and will now be able to edit the business information.

Fill in all the fields with pertinent information: Specialties, History, Meet the Business Owner, Hours, etc…

You’ll want a minimum of 3 photos. If possible, crop the images to be perfect squares - this will make them appear much cleaner in how Yelp presents them.

In some instances the client may need to click a verification link in an auto email sent to them before you can make edits. Follow up with them to either do so or forward you the email.

Once you’ve fleshed out the profile 100%, provide the client the login credentials, add the Yelp link to the review page on their site and you’re all set!

  • Adding a New Business

If the business you’re working with is not yet on Yelp, you’ll need to add the business information. This process is drawn out as it takes Yelp ~ 2-3 weeks to review new submissions before you can even verify/claim them.

Follow the same steps as outlined above to search for the business. At the bottom of the search results, click the ‘Add your business to Yelp’ link.

Fill in the appropriate business information. At the end of the listing where it says ‘Your Email Address’, enter your BYF email address (this won’t be tied to the listing - it will simply be used to verify the listing)

Click ‘Add business’. An email will be sent to your email address - click the link in that email. You’ll be able to view a very minimal business listing, but won’t be able to edit/flesh it out. Add this link to the review me page now.

It takes Yelp ~2-3 weeks to review and approve new business submissions. Once approved, a ‘Claim this business listing’ button will appear on the listing, at which point you can coordinate the verification phone call, claim the listing and flesh it out. Follow the steps as outlined above to fill out the profile and provide the client the login credentials.

  • There are PDF instructions (with screenshots) available on the X drive under PUBLIC > admin > Training Documents > Claiming-Yelp-Listings.pdf